We are proud to announce the arrival of our revolutionary VIP line technology imported from Italy.  We are the first studio in the Chicago area to have this new equipment which enhances muscle toning, fat loss, and increased blood and lymph circulation in the area of stimulation. 

Our specialized treatment plans are discussed with each client in a personalized consulation.

VIP LINE  – Your Fitness For Face & Body


VIP Line is a physiotherapeutic device aimed at solving various problems associated with a decrease in muscle tone on the face and body.

This treatment uses electric impulses to stimulate muscles to actively contract and “train”. As a result, an attractive body shape is formed as muscles become more elastic and taut. It also speeds up metabolism and removes toxins, fat and excess fluid from the body.

After treatments you not only look better but feel better. VIP-Line is a good option for anyone who desires a non-invasive lift, fat reduction or improvement in body shape. Our treatments will support and encourage regular activity and healthy lifestyle. 

Learn more on the device website.



'Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live'. - Jim Rohn

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"Treatments arent always about weight or inch loss but how you feel internally. Before I started abdomen treatments  I could only do like 30 sec plank....after 10 sessions 3 plus minutes is easy :-))"

Alois K.

It's amazing what a few inches and a few pounds can do, along with someone that genuinely cares about your well being and health!

Last year, I was in a slump (due to Covid, but who wasn't) and I was not motivated to get up and move (or workout). I needed a "jumpstart" to get myself back on track, and that is exactly what VIP Bodi M, Body Studio did for me.

Katarina performed three abdomen lipo cavitation and slimming treatments on me and between the first and third session, I lost 3 pounds and 2 inches around my belly button. That change in the right direction, was exactly what I needed to get motivated and moving again and back on track with a healthier lifestyle. I am down about 20lbs since then and it's due to Katarina's treatments...sometimes all we need to see is that scale tip a little bit, in the right direction.

VIP Bodi M Studio is charming, warm and inviting. Katarina is welcoming, sweet and very easy to talk to. Her wealth of knowledge about the health industry is superb.

If you need even a tiny nudge in the right direction, give Katarina a call, you won't be disappointed.

Swimsuit season is right around the corner!!!

Jennifer W.

"Before I began my treatments, I didn't feel comfortable in my body. My abdominal organs felt squashed by the excess fat my body carried. I always craved being able to feel free and light and thanks to Katarina, I am finally on my way to loving my body. Bending over is no longer a problem and I feel healthier overall."

Tanya K.