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VIP BODi M, Body studio is located  in downtown Geneva and is the first and only studio in Chicago area to have an Italian revolutionary VIP line technology that enhances muscle toning, fat loss, mobility, and increases blood and lymph circulation in the area of stimulation. The equipment uses different frequencies and has a wide range of protocols offering *slimming, *firming, *muscle lifting, *fat burning and *lymphatic drainage.


​I named my sophisticated machine *VIVIENNE*, the Italian beauty. 

With Vivienne and her technique used around the world over several decades, I am able to personalize each client’s needs. These targeted and rejuvenating treatments, requiring about 30 minutes are performed in a relaxing atmosphere allowing to achieve immediate, visible and long-lasting results.  

During my client's first session the appropriate combination of treatments is recommended and discussed. We will focus on your areas of concern, including cellulite, extra inches, skin and muscular slackness, aging processes, muscle firming, toning and lifting, and detoxifying the lymphatic system with gentle electric microcurrent and ultrasound.


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What to Expect

All treatments are done with a gentle microcurrent frequency, forcing the muscle to contract deep on cellular level that is not possible through an exercise. This technology is known for decades and it is targeting both fat and muscle in a very safe and highly effective way.

During each session, you will lay down and I will be placing soaked pads with diodes onto chosen area. Depending on the area of your body that will be treated you will need to be in your undergarment for the upper or lower body.  Please choose a comfortable one.  During each treatment you will feel a gentle current that will be adjusted accordingly to your liking.  All treatments are non-invasive and pleasant.

About Me

My name is Katarina Masters, and I am the proud owner of VIP BODi M, Body Studio. In my homeland of Europe, I learned the value of natural approaches to a healthy lifestyle. I have incorporated the knowledge of good nutrition and movement as prevention and healing agents throughout my life, including during my own personal struggle with digestive issues and a precancerous scare. I opened the studio in 2020, following my passion of helping others to achieve their healthy body goals.  

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